80s Pinterest Board Full Of So. Much. Win.

So this morning in my wanderings on Facebook, I ran into this holy grail of 80s awesomeness pin! How freaking much do you love it? Yeah! I thought so! Woohoo! I love the 80s and I love that pin! So, of course I went looking for the board from which it came… This board is… Read More »

Marvin The Paranoid Android

I would like you to meet Marvin if you have not already — he is the most adorable depressed robot ever!!! https://www.pinterest.com/pin/145944844143973740/ And this is a fun Pinterest-testing post! Hope you’re having a FANTABULOUS DAY!!!

Michael Moore Says Conservatives Are…

Yes, absopositivalutely! Michael Moore definitely has it right about “the other side!” My darling, drive-me-crazy, conservative husband is decisive, disciplined, and organized. And he does not lose his keys. We’re not talking about a 100% record here, never, ever losing keys, etc, or always organized — but so much more than I am that it’s… Read More »

Death Is Nothing At All

Wow. Just found this poem on a friend’s Facebook wall. Powerful and gentle at the same time. I had a very dear and wonderful friend, after whom I named my daughter, who passed away when my daughter was just six months old. And my daughter’s middle name is from my maternal grandmother. Really, it’s a… Read More »