Apr 122015
Migraine Cures #5

The Migraineur Misfits today are talking about alternative, non-drug migraine remedies. I started to comment there on their Facebook page, but as is often the case with me, the comment was becoming too long and I felt it deserved its own blog post.

I wanted to share a peculiar (quirky?) remedy about which I’d recently heard. Someone told me that Sonic Slushes help their migraines. I was shocked as well as intrigued, because I’ve always begrudgingly avoided them if I had even a slight bit of migraine. They often give me brain freeze on non-migraine, “normal” days and I usually avoid fruit and sugar during migraines.

So between the brain-freeze-giving coldness, the fruit, and the sugar, I always figured they were a no-go during any stage of active migraine. However, after being told that they help someone else, I got to thinking about it.

And it does seem to make sense. For relief from migraine, I try to warm up my hands and feet and I put an icepack on my head. Chill all that excess of blood out of my head, right? So then, wouldn’t a Slush take this concept even a few steps further? Get that coldness directly inside my head. Thinking of it in that way really does pique my interest.
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Apr 112015

Migraines are assholes. Missing yet another kiddo activity, because the pain in my head is crescendoing like the dickhead that it is.

(Did I just call my own head a dickhead? Well, yes, I believe I did.)

(No, no, no. I called the pain a dickhead. Oh, well okay.)

Today is my daughter, Sammie’s, senior prom. All the parents and kids met at the train depot to take pictures. And we got some really great ones and the kids all looked nothing short of FABULOUS!

Then the kids all left for dinner in Birmingham and we were going to meet them back at the prom for what they call, “Senior Leadout.” It is basically presenting the seniors, one couple at a time, to everyone. They come walking out and an announcer announces them by name.

(I don’t think we did that when I went to prom, but I did realized we were not actually at our prom for very long, so maybe we missed it. Maybe I can ask some old friends.)

I am most definitely grateful that…
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Apr 072015
Soul-Flower Spring Line

Soul-Flower’s Spring Line 2015 is out now and they have some fabulous new products for us in the line-up.

One of my favorite things from their shop is actually the men’s t-shirts. Ooh, and the organic cotton hippie t-shirts are so ridiculously soft. They feel so good and so comfy!

Be Groovy Men's Recycled T-Shirt

Be Groovy Men’s Recycled T-Shirt

They have a ~*~groovy~*~ new shirt out that I am so diggin’! It is the Be Groovy Men’s Recycled T-Shirt. They’ve taken a far out saying from the Flower Power age (“Be Groovy Or Leave Man”) and have revived it on this gorgeous shirt! It’s 50% organic cotton and 50% recycled plastic — how cool is that? Personally, I think that’s awesome.

I really loved their “Follow Your Bliss” shirts and of course I love my Grateful Dead shirt I got from them eons ago, but I don’t know, this might be my favorite ever of their shirts. Oh, but wait, the baby “Hug Me” (Treehugger) onesie I got my niece was so very cute. Okay, okay, I can’t decide, but this one really does ROCK!! ;-)

The design on this shirt is hand-drawn and printed in-house. It’s a Soul Flower Original and it’s made in the USA with low-impact dyes.
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Apr 032015

St. Baldrick's FoundationI’ve got messy helmet hair! But, on the plus side, I got to actually use a brush this week. It didn’t do much but it sort of brushed my teeny tiny, short hair.

Funny how you can miss a little thing like brushing your hair!! But I guess when you’ve been doing that, pretty much, all of your life, it’s weird not to brush.
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Mar 212015
Rent House NE Alabama

…with a house!! Or rather, a piece of property. The house is definitely nice and has several, very pleasant features, such as a gorgeous fireplace and a wonderful sunroom. So yes, the house is quite nice and quite lovely.

The house, however, did not pull out my soul, wrap it in a soft, cozy blanket and whisper sweet nothings to it. Oh no, no, it was the property that swept me off my feet and made me long for nothing else but it.

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Mar 202015

ShanaLogic.com is an awesome, online shop that showcases handmade, independent art, jewelry, and home goods. I never tire of browsing Shana’s shop. There is just too much handmade goodness over there.

I missed telling you sooner (shame on me!) that they are having a March Fashion Fundraiser, during which, 10% of all profits will be donated to The Association for the Protection of Fur-Bearing Animals.

From the APFA’s website:

Founded in 1953, The Association for the Protection of Fur-Bearing Animals (The Fur-Bearers) exists to be the conduit for all wildlife lovers to create a world where animals and their environments are better protected.

And their mission is:

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